3D model | Emperor’s Coven Pin


This 3D model faithfully recreates the Emperor’s Coven Pin from “The Owl House.” With intricate detailing, a triangle shape, it’s the perfect accessory for cosplayers and fans looking to showcase their allegiance to the dark and mystical world of the Emperor’s Coven. Display it proudly or wear it to immerse yourself in the magic of the show.


The 3D model of the Emperor’s Coven Pin from “The Owl House” is a meticulously crafted digital replica of the iconic emblem worn by members of the Emperor’s Coven in the animated series. This pin is a symbol of allegiance to the series’ main antagonist, Emperor Belos, and carries a dark, mystical aura.

Design Features:

Intricate Detailing: The pin features intricate detailing, capturing the dark and foreboding aesthetic of the coven. Every line, curve, and symbol on the pin has been faithfully reproduced to match the on-screen appearance.

Shape: The pin’s main body is triangle in shape, commonly associated with dark magic and the Emperor’s power.

Embossed Emblem: At the center of the pin, there is an embossed emblem that closely resembles the Emperor’s Coven symbol seen in the show. It consists of interlocking geometric shapes forming a mysterious and arcane pattern.

Wearable or Displayable: This 3D model is designed for versatility. You can 3D print it to create a wearable pin, perfect for cosplaying as a member of the Emperor’s Coven, or you can use it as a display piece to showcase your love for “The Owl House.”


Cosplay Accessory: The 3D model allows fans to create a screen-accurate Emperor’s Coven Pin to complete their cosplay outfits.

Collectible Display: Display the pin as a collectible item, either in a shadow box frame or on a display stand, to celebrate your admiration for the show and its dark and mysterious elements.

Customization: You can personalize the pin by adding pins or clasps to the back for easy attachment to clothing, bags, or accessories.

The Emperor’s Coven Pin from “The Owl House” is a visually striking and detailed 3D model that captures the essence of this enigmatic symbol, making it a must-have for fans of the series who want to immerse themselves in the world of witches, magic, and mystery.


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